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Information for Players

Why it is "OFFSIDE" in soccer not "OFFSIDES"

Ken Ashton explains Law 11 and corrects the questioner's terminology mistake.

Build an Inexpensive Backyard Soccer Goal

This Old House Magazine shows you how to build an inexpensive backyard soccer goal. Whether you have a budding athlete in your household or you just want to get everyone to play as a family, having a soccer goal in the back yard is a win-win. The goal shown here has a basic design and a simple construction, so it can be assembled in an afternoon. And chances are good that you have the home field advantage with the right tools already on hand and the materials easy to get at the home center. Because it’s made from PVC pipes, this goal is so lightweight and easy to move that you can set it up whenever you’re ready to play. Just put it out to turn the back yard into a playing field, and you’ll be ready to score! Click here for instructions.

Which is the best soccer league to watch?