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Volunteer Opportunities

We Can Alway Use Help...

Please contact us at Rangers@PenfieldRangers.org to find out how you can help!

Description of Volunteer Roles


Implements the strategic goals and objectives of the organization; enables the Board to fulfill its governance function; gives direction and leadership to the achievement of PRSC’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives. Directs and executes all activities of the PRSC either directly or through delegated authority.


Vice President

Assumes the responsibilities of the President when the President is absent from meetings or unavailable to serve the role of President.



The Treasurer shall collect all dues and registration fees, shall be responsible for the deposits of all monies of the PRSC in a bank account authorized by the Board, shall keep detailed accounts of the income and expenditures of the PRSC, shall submit monthly reports at each regular meeting as well as quarterly reports, and shall pay all appropriate bills of the PRSC.



The Registrar shall be responsible for maintaining board, team and member information with the regional governing body and league. The Registrar shall also input the data and distribute risk management passes for team staff, certified rosters for each team, and player passes. The Registrar shall register the teams with the league. The Registrar shall create and register teams with the regional governing body and league.



The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, keep records of those present, and supervise correspondence. The Secretary shall be responsible for past minutes and submit copies of the minutes of all Board meetings to the Board members before the next meeting. Board minutes will be available to members of the PRSC, after being accepted by the Board. All minutes and changes must be dated and stored permanently. The Secretary shall maintain a copy of current Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order at all meetings.


At Large Board Member

Attends and actively participates in monthly Board meetings. Helps steer the club’s philosophy, mission, strategy, as well as its annual goals and objectives.


Web Administrator

The Web Administrator manages the club’s website and email communication system. The Web Administrator will provide technical support to the club when necessary.


Head Team Manager

The Head Manager’s duties include: training new team managers in the processing and management of player passes, medical releases, player conduct forms, game reports, and other forms, and the payment of referees; serving as a liaison between Board and team managers; and responding to questions and issues generally of team managers. The Head Manager shall work under the direction of the Registrar.


Uniform Coordinator

The Uniform Coordinator shall work with the Board and manage the relationship with the chosen uniform vendor. The Uniform Coordinator shall be responsible for managing the process by which players and their families purchase their uniforms. The Uniform Coordinator shall work with the Registrar to ensure that player numbers are assigned properly.


Field Coordinator

The Field Coordinator shall be responsible for the allocation of fields in the Town of Penfield throughout the year. The Field Coordinator shall communicate with individual coaches as appropriate, and the Town of Penfield to ensure the proper scheduling of fields for games throughout the season. The Field Coordinator manages the hanging of nets on goals on game fields. The Field Coordinator shall also assist in negotiating contracts for indoor practice time and schedule such indoor practice time for PRSC teams.


Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator shall work with the Finance Committee and manage the procurement of all equipment. The Equipment Cordinator shall be responsible for the maintenance, distribution, inventory and replacement of all PRSC equipment. The Equipment Coordinator shall work with the Coaching Committee to ensure that adequate supplies and equipment are available for teams.


Team Picture Coordinator

The Picture Coordinator works with the Board to select a photographer and coordinates the taking of individual and team pictures.

Tryout Coordinator

The Tryout Coordinator manages the annual club tryouts including the purchase of player tryout t-shirts, preparing age group evaluation sheets, and the checking in of players the day of tryouts.


Head Coach

The Head Coach shall make all decisions regarding team matters, including playing time, assignment of playing positions, roster size, etc (within Penfield Rangers Soccer Club By-laws and Rochester District Youth Soccer League guidelines). Each Head Coach MUST have an assistant coach.


Assistant Coach

The Assistant Coach handles duties as delegated by the Head Coach.


Team Manager

The Team Manager will manage all administrative functions for the team, including team registration for league play, tournament registration, filling out team rosters for games and paying referees, etc.

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