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to the home of the Penfield Rangers Soccer Club


What is the fee to join the Penfield Rangers?

Our fee structure is re-evaluated every year, and can vary.  For the 2017-2018 season, the player registration fee is $475 per player for players on teams U9 through U17.  The fee for the Academy program is $350, and the fee for U19 is $265. There is a multiple player family discount of $25 for each additional player within a family. This covers the cost of league registration, player insurance, tournament play where appropriate, referee fees, field fees, and all club administration expenses. 

Starting with this season, uniforms are a separate expense of approximately $91 for the full kit (two shirts, shorts, socks).  Parents of existing players have the option to reuse last season's uniform and to replace only parts that are too small or in rough shape.

What must we do to register the player?

Before player evaluations (AKA tryouts) you need to go to the online registration system.  Use the link below.


What size uniform should I choose?

If in doubt, go larger. Children grow and uniforms are not returnable. Loose clothing allows heat to escape.

What is the Required Commitment?

September through March: Participation in Ranger practices, games, tournaments, and leagues is optional. However, active participation is strongly recommended in order for the player and team to develop to its fullest potential.

April through End of Season: It is expected that each player will be able to commit to 3 to 4 days per week (covering games and practices). For tournament weeks, the commitment may be higher. Typically teams play 2-3 weekend tournaments during the outdoor season.

Interscholastic sports take priority over club practice and games, but every effort must be made to avoid conflict.

During the outdoor season, players are expected to be available for games and practices FOR THE FULL SEASON (April through July). If a player expects to have conflicting sports or activities that may cause him to miss significant numbers of games and practices, then travel soccer may not be appropriate for him. Where conflicts exist, we expect the player to plan a schedule in advance with his soccer coach to attend at least fifty percent of the Rangers games and practices. Consistent unannounced absenteeism will result in loss of playing time.

Be at games and practices on time. It’s not fair to the rest of the team if someone is consistently late. Consistent tardiness will likely result in lost playing time.

What are the behavior expectations?

Players are expected to come to practices and games ready to focus on soccer. Respect to their teammates and their coaches is important.

What days will games be on?

Final outdoor schedules become available from the RDYSL in mid-April.

Each age group has regular game days assigned by the league.  The current assignments can be found here: http://www.rdysl.com/gamedays.htm.

Note that games are not required to be played on these days and will often vary based on rescheduling that occurs after the preliminary schedule is released.

Do I need to buy soccer shoes?

Soccer shoes/turf shoes provide safe traction on damp grass and are highly recommended. Cleats must be molded plastic or rubber -- metal cleats are not permitted.

For indoor training, Brighton Sports Zone does not allow outdoors cleats.  Players may wear sneakers or indoor/turf shoes.

All players MUST wear SHINGUARDS or they will NOT be permitted to play or practice.

Will I need athletic glasses?

It is recommended that your child should have plastic lenses or ‘sport’ high-impact glasses with retaining straps.

Will I need mouth guards?

Mouth guards are not required but are recommended for all children. Many area dentists provide custom mouth guards for free or at cost in a variety of bright colors. Off-the-shelf mouth guards may also be used.

Can my child wear jewelry?

Jewelry is not permitted at practices or games for safety reasons. If Medic Alert or religious necklaces must be worn, they must be taped down to the skin before the practice or games.

What other equipment will I need?

Players must bring a water bottle (with cold water or Gatorade, not soda) to games and practices. All children MUST bring a ball of their own to indoor and outdoor practices.

Can my child wear a hat?

Only knit caps are permissible. Baseball caps are only permitted for keepers. 

What size ball does my child need?

Age 8-12: Size 4 Age 13 and older: Size 5

Can my child play up?

Players U13 and above may request to play up as an exceptional player.  There is a specific process that must be followed.  Please refer to the policy here: http://rangers.cornerkicksystems.com/page/show/1384346-penfield-rangers-club-policies#Playup

Players younger than U13 must play within their birth year age group.


What about snacks?

Team managers will contact parents to arrange for snacks after practices and/or games. It is up to the individual teams to determine type and frequency of snacks. Popsicles or other cold treats are the best bet. Please ensure all trash is picked up following the practice or game.

Why can't my child play on a team with his friend, schoolmate, uncle, favorite coach, carpool ride, etc?

Our governing bodies, US Youth Soccer, NYSWYSA, and RDYSL, determine the age cut-off dates. We are obligated to abide by those rules to ensure that teams from all areas operate consistently. The club evaluates players according to demonstrated skill levels at the tryouts. Players are placed on teams according to those evaluations.

Why should parents attend games and practices?

The club does not provide medical service. Coaching and other services are provided by volunteers, not licensed providers. In case of a medical event, our volunteers are instructed to call 911 for trained medical providers.

Is the club insured?

Limited coverage is provided for registered players and volunteers by the New York West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). For details of the coverage provided, please check the NYSWYSA web site at www.nyswysa.org.

What about toilets?

Portable toilets are provided at some sites, but not all.

What if there's rain or bad weather?

Coaches determine if practice is cancelled.

Referees determine if games are cancelled.  For all league games players must be at the field ready to play regardless of the weather at home.  If a team does not have enough players the game will be a forfeit even if it would have been cancelled. 

The referee will stop play if there is thunder or lightning during a game.  There is a waiting period of 30 minutes from each occurrence before the game can be restarted. Parents, of course, may withdraw their child from play if they are uncomfortable with safety issues.

Soccer is traditionally played under fairly poor conditions including rain, cold, snow, and wind so be prepared or plan to wait it out in the car!

What to do about bad referee calls?

Be a good sport. Set an example for the children.

Many of the referees, especially for the younger age groups are new, still learning the ropes and are doing their best.

Spectators are encouraged to watch the games but are NOT permitted to "participate" by making negative comments to anyone at any time. This is considered verbal abuse and will not be tolerated. Such activity will result in ejection of the offender and/or forfeit of the game.

The league is serious about its zero tolerance party and teams can incur fines for bad spectator behavior.

How can I appropriately cheer on the team?

Positive comments (e.g. Great play, good hustle, etc.) are terrific motivators for players.

Please refrain from providing tactical directions to players. It distracts the players, and you may be giving them directions that conflict with what the coach wants them to do.

Where can I sit during games?

RDYSL rules require that the team and its associated parents/fans be on one side of the field while the opposing team and their parents/fans are on the opposite side of the field.

This rule is designed to keep the opposing parents separated.

During the game please do not sit right next to your son’s team. Please do not call him over to you during the game or during play stoppage. This distracts the players and makes it difficult for the coach to work with his team.

Neither parents or coaches can be stationed at numerous points around the field to coach their players.

Look at the trash! Who's cleaning up this place?

Field cleanliness and maintenance is everyone's responsibility. Pick up trash on your way off the fields.

Who cuts the grass and lines the fields?

Tasks are shared by the schools and towns free-of-charge. As we use more fields in other areas of town each year the task grows. Everyone is doing their best.

Why can't I replace lost players due to injury or vacation?

Once late registration ends, rosters are sent to New York State West Youth Soccer Association and closed. There are no late entries or substitutions allowed for teams. No un-registered and un-insured participation is allowed. If you cannot attend the majority of practices and games, please re-consider your registration.

What about team photographs?

The club sponsors "picture day" when all players are offered the opportunity to have pictures taken. Team photographs are also taken at this time.

No one is required to purchase pictures but please come to the photo session so that a complete team picture can be taken.

Parents are encouraged to take action photographs during practices and games. Of course, please use care so as not to disrupt the team or the game.

How can I volunteer to help?

All of our coaches, managers, board members, etc. are volunteers.

The club has many opportunities for additional volunteers. And, we can really use the assistance!

Tasks needing attending to include equipment manager, maintaining and replenishing first aid kits, making copies of information to be distributed, among many other things.

Please let us know if you are able to assist in any way.

Which is the best soccer league to watch?