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Penfield Rangers – Covid-19 Guidelines/Procedures

11/05/2020, 6:45pm EST
By Web Admin




  • All players & coaches must sign a Hold Harmless Waiver prior to the first team activity or they will not be allowed to participate. The coaches/managers have this waiver.


Sheets


  • Each parent shall circle questions & sign sheet provided by the coaches/board. Examples: do you have a cough? Is your temp above 100? Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days?




  • We ask the parents/guardians to please take your child’s temperature before each practice, scrimmage or game.
  • If any Child has above a 100-degree temperature, please stay home and keep coaches updated.




  • Players not required to wear masks while playing/practicing.
  • Recommended Parents/spectators wear masks or socially distance from others.
  • Coaches required to wear mask or socially distance from others & players.


Staging Area – Bags, Water & Etc.


  • A cone should be set 6’ apart on sideline for each player to set bag, water, etc.
  • Please stay in your own area and refrain from touching other players and their belongings.
  • There will be “NO” sharing of personal belongings.


Clean Play


  • No spitting (if that can be controlled)
  • Any scrapes or cuts shall immediately be bandaged.
  • No sharing pinnies, equipment, etc.
  • No unnecessary contact with players & coaches.
  • Coaches shall wash all pinnies after each practice if used.
  • Coaches sterilize cones, balls, etc if used.
  • Coaches be provided sanitizer & wipes.
  • Please be sure to sanitize and clean off after practices, scrimmages, & games.


Parents & Spectators

  • Shall be masked or socially distanced from players & other.
  • Parents please supply your child with sanitizer for themselves.

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