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U12 Blue (Mounnarat)

Regular Season 2016-2017
2016-2017 x Regular Season

U12 Reaches Finals 2017 Hilton Tournament

2017 Hilton Tournament - Jack Walsh (photo: Sandra Jurus)

The 2017 Penfield Rangers U12 team reached the finals at the annual Hilton-Spencerport tournament for the first time after securing 2nd place in group play.

Reaching the finals, the team:

WIN Vs. Spencerport
Loss vs. Wayne Wings
WIN vs. Gates Metro

Meeting the Wayne Wings after losing to them on the first day proved to be an even tougher matchup on championship day. Wayne's speed and aggressive play were simply too much for the Rangers and Wayne takes the divisional title with a 4:1 victory.

Good game by both teams and even more proud of Penfield for reaching finals. We'll see Wayne 2 additional times during RDYSL league play.

RDYSL Season Starts and Hilton Tourney

All, our RDYSL season is under way and our 1st outdoor tourney is scheduled for June 10-11 weekend.

Over the next few weeks through the season, we will focus on tactical positioning in both defending and attacking with the ball.

Our focus will be based on the pivot and link-up players. Can we see the patterns in both offense and defense?

Outdoor practices

Our last indoor practice at BSZ concluded last weekend and due to the extra rainy period here in May, the town has closed all of fields until further notice.

Once the fields are released we will head outdoors. Some things to remember.

1. will try to have 2 practices per week until games start.

2. Location to be at Rothfuss park on Five Mile Line rd or at the Town Hall

3. Time TBD

4. Progress reviews for players shall be presented following our indoor sessions if I have not spoken to each player/parent.

5. Mid-year parents meeting TBD

2017 12 Wayne Wings Indoor Champions

Great job winning the 2017 Wayne Wings indoor tournament.

Where are the passing lanes?

What is a passing lane?

Can we see the passing lanes?

Can we anticipate new passing lanes?

What patterns or shapes can we see?

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Defenders

Once possession is lost, we DEFEND by applying the following PRESSURE, COVER, and SAFETY techniques. In other instances, we may refer to these 3 topics as Pressure, Cover, and Balance as well. But for now, let's replace use SAFETY in place of balance.

Our PRIMARY goal is to slow down the attack from the opposing team also referred to as PRESSURE. This is the responsibility of the 1st defender or the closest defender to the ball when possession is lost. 

  • close the distance between himself and the attacker as fast as possible w/o overplaying
  • force attacker into 1 direction by channeling
  • the goal is not to steal the ball but stall until you have adequate cover from your teammates

Our SECONDARY goal is to contain the threat and provide COVER for the 1st defender in case he gets beat. This is the job of the 2nd defender.

  • places himself in close area behind 1st defender and attacker
  • keeps eye on neighboring attackers that could allow 1st attacker options out of the initial PRESSURE from 1st Defender
  • intercepts or helps steal ball as necessary by a dribble or pass

SAFETY, lastly the 3rd defender is the furthest defender behind the 1st and 2nd defenders. He will play as the catch-all for anything that gets by the other 2. This would be the penetrating bypassing the other 2.

  • weak-side support or cover
  • places himself in good distance to provide cover if the other 2 get beat as well as become the 1st defender if the penetrating ball or "split" ball makes it's way out of the initial pressure.

Our goal is to regain possession as quickly as possible using a concerted effort before the opposition can organize.

How to better see the field?

Opening the gate or opening your hips are?

"Opening the gate" is an exercise or drill emphasizing good ball receiving techniques. When receiving, the ball is allowed to pass the front foot passing through the center of the body and received with the inside of the opposite or far foot.

This motion is similar to those used when opening the gate or other door.

"Opening your hips" is a term used when a player employs the earlier technique to open your hips to the field of play. This allows the player maximum view of the field as well as any opposing defenders or quick opportunities for other teammates.

Your speed of play, decision making, and vision of the field will be greatly improved when using the above technique without thinking.


"TRAINING is where you get BETTER, GAMES is where you SHOW others WHY!"

What is a PIVOT?

A PIVOT in soccer is a player whose job is to provide support or options to his teammates. Similar to a fulcrum in a teeter totter, he provides balance during the game. He helps shift the focus of play from one side to the other.

The PIVOT can also be the link-up from defense-offense providing an outlet for his defenders to the forwards.

He must always make himself available and never run away from the ball. A good pivot must have good vision, technical skills in traffic and is very intelligent to read the play.

U12 What's Next?

All, welcome to the U12 team page. Please make sure you bookmark this page into your browser and check for updates.

The AGM is completed and what now? We have the following items planned in the coming weeks:

1. Team intro party - hosted by Coach Pat and his family (informal)

2. Parents Meeting (Mandatory) - Wegmans 441 2nd floor, TBD

3. 1st Indoor practice - Sat Nov 5, 8-9:30am BSZ

  • make sure you bring a properly inflated ball
  • flats, sneakers, or turf shoes --> NO OUTDOOR Cleats

- Coach

Recent U12 Blue (Mounnarat) News

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Team Staff

Steve Mounnarat

Head Coach

Cass Kozan

Team Manager

Steve B Mounnarat

Assistant Coach

Patrick Walsh

Assistant Coach

Joseph Kozan

Assistant Coach

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